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Overmolded  Modular Connectors - RJ Plugs and Jacks Connector Overmolding

RJ 45 Custom Strain Relief-Ultra FlexibleWe offer our services for various types of RJ connectors, such as Shielded 6,8 Position Plugs, 2,4,6,8 Position Plugs, Jacks 2,4,6,8,10 Position, 6,8,10 Position Plugs, Jacks 6,8 Position Shielded, Handset Plugs, both in standard and custom designs.

Please see below pictures of some of the modular connectors we provide overmolding solutions and modular tooling.

We also offer to the OEM and distributor users a diversified line of strain / flex reliefs and grommets, such as Solid, Solid-Rib, Uniflex, Multiflex, in standard off the shelf or custom designs.

Overmolding the RJ modular connectors offers significant opportunities for cable improvements with higher pull strength not available with conventional backshells. Our technical staff is ready to help you from design and prototyping to small production run, assistance, and training.

RJ45 Receptacle Custom Flange

Dual RJ45 receptacle


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