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Connector Overmolding Tools – Overmold Tooling

Cable Overmolding and ToolingWe offer custom and standard connector over-mold tools engineered and designed from over 50 years of experience. These tools are built to easily conform to a variety of mold base configurations for machines such as Newbury, Autojector, Ameriplas, Multiplas standard platens.  We utilize state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software . SolidWorks brings current solid modeling and design capabilities to current technology CNC and EDM equipment. These capabilities insure modern design and machining capabilities to provide the highest quality tools and design with competitive costs and shortened lead-times.

Each overmold tool is designed and tested to provide consistent and uniform over-molds, while minimizing sink , flow lines and cosmetic flaws.  Each mold is profiled in our molding machines, for optimum set-up, including injection speeds, shot size and temperature profiles.

We also provide material suggestions for molding compounds.The key to overmold tooling is not just the mold tool that achieves the desired shape, but the integration of proper cable preparation and connector termination to provide a finished part that meets the quality and cost requirements. If the approach to the design is fragmented, in other words designed to satisfy the electrical requirements without regard for the mechanical requirements of the overmolding process, the finished part typically will be a problem.

Connector Overmolding ToolsTwo basic types of injection molding machines are used in the overmolding industry horizontal injection and vertical injection. Each machine type requires a different mold design and may affect the achieved output of the machine.


Please contact us for cable molding solutions and connector accessories, such as strain and flex reliefs for:

 Electrical circular connectors, such as Amp, Fisher, military style MIL-C-5015
 PCB connectors
 Embedded circuitry cables and devices
 Coaxial connectors
 DIN / MINI DIN connectors
 Modular (RJ) Connectors
  Rectangular connectors, such as SCSI, V.35, LFH, D-Sub, USB
 Power connectors
 Audio connectors
 Medical cables
 Specialty cables
 Other connector types, or unique designs


Our technical staff will quickly help you find the right solution within your budget.


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