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Custom Molded Cables with Overmolded Connectors

Molded Cables with Overmolded Electrical Connectors

Our custom molded cables are manufactured with a wide range of electrical connectors, such as Amp, Burndy, Lemo, Switchcraft, etc.  The most common types of overmolded electrical connectors in our repertoire are: power, MIL-Spec, audio signal, and RF, with applications in high tech applications like medical, industrial automation, machine tool, rail, and automotive diagnostics.

Custom Molded Cables with PCB Connector Overmolding

We design, prototype, and manufacture cutting edge, highly customized molded cables with embedded circuitry. We have evolved and perfected our PCB connector overmolding technology over many years, and our reputation in the field is truly unparalleled.  We have highly skilled engineers as well as state of the art molding capabilities and digital controls to assure perfect quality overmolds on an amazingly consistent basis.  Among the most common overmolded connectors for custom molded cables in the PCB category are: .100 Edgecard, .125 Edge card, .156 Edgecard, .100 Receptacle, MODU MTE .100, MODU MT .100, 3M CHG, and .100 Header.

PCB Overmolded Connectors

Custom Cables with Overmolded Coaxial Connectors

We manufacture a wide diversity of custom molded cables utilizing overmolded coaxial connectors such as BNC plug, BNC jack, UHF plug, SMA jack, SMA plug, F plug,TNC plug, SMB plug, MINI UHF jack, SMB jack, G plug, and F jack, both in standard and custom designs.

Custom Overmolded Cables Using DIN and MINI DIN Connectors

Molded cables with DIN / MINI DIN  overmolded circular connectors are manufactured, both in standard and custom designs, for applications in areas such as medical, electronics, and industrial automation fields.

Overmolding RJ Connectors

Custom Molded Cables with RJ Overmolds

We offer RJ connector overmolding services for connectors, such as Shielded 6,8 Position Plugs, 2,4,6,8, 10 Position Plugs, 2,4,6,8,10 Position Jacks,  6,8 Position Shielded Jacks, Handset Plugs, etc. 

Custom Molded Cables with Rectangular Connectors

Overmolded Connectors - Rectangular

We are tooled for the  broadest  variety of rectangular connector types such as, V.35-M Series, LFH, MDR, SCSI, USB, D-SUB, CHAMP .050, CHAMP, CHAMP .8MM, MICRO-D , both in standard and custom designs.

Overmolded Power Connectors

Overmolded Connectors in Custom Molded Power Cables

Power connector overmolding across the board is one of our specialties. We have accumulated a great deal of expertise  in building high quality custom molded cables with overmolded power connectors such as MINI FIT JR., MINI-FIT SR., MICRO FIT, SABRE, AMP DUAC, MATE-N-LOCK, etc.

Overmolded Audio Connectors for Standard and Custom molded Cables

We also  offer our  high quality overmolding services for a broad range of audio connectors, such as DC PLUG/JACK, RCA, PHONE, BANANNA, XLR, 2.5/3.5MM, etc.


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