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Molded Cable Manufacturing, Overmolding Cables

15HD High Density Multi Cable ExitWe can custom build, custom mold, and over-mold your cable designs. We specialize in molded cable manufacturing for the widest diversity of cable and connector types, across the whole spectrum of industries.

As a well established molded cable manufacturer, our company is equipped with state of the art molded cable manufacturing and testing equipment. This ensures an extremely reliable and high quality process of overmolding cables. We build to customer specifications, in quantities and lot sizes that other company's find difficult to service.  We eliminate tooling costs and save customers money by offering hundreds and hundreds of stock overmolds.   For highly customized molded cable manufacturing projects, our advanced technology allows us to produce custom overmolds at a price and quality level that clearly sets us ahead of  the competition. 

Our molded cable manufacturing expertise also supports a large number of cable assembly companies that have don't do cable overmolding.   Moreover, we are engaged in a very successful program of technology transfer and training for any company interested in developing internal capabilities for overmolding cables.

Custom Cable Manufacturer Offering Design, Prototyping, Limited Production, Assistance & Training

We cover many types of connectors, from industrial electrical connectors, such as AMP, Burndy, Fisher, Switchcraft and Lemo circular connectors, to electronic connectors, such as SCSI, USB, D-Sub, and PCB, to enumerate only a few.  We also offer solutions for unique/custom connectors and PCB's/embedded electronics devices, and low cost modular overmold tooling.

37 POS Mil-Spec Circular Composite BananaPlug and and 2 pin  Combo Custom D-Sub Module with Bannana Jacks


For the OEM and distributor users we provide a diversified line of connector accessories, strain / flex reliefs and grommets, such as Solid, Solid-Rib, Uniflex, Multiflex, in standard off the shelf or custom designs. Please contact us for more information or to order. Straight and angular versions are offered for most connector series and our prices are very competitive.

Molded Cable Manufacturing, Overmolding Cables

Our molded cable manufacturing process gives each product an aesthetically appealing and highly professional look. Overmolding cables also significantly improves their overall strength and reliability. Strain reliefs, bushes, boots and grommets can be molded on to further increase product functionality and integrity.


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